a Resource you didn't know you needed

It all started with a knife...

...and my husband telling me I "needed it" around the farm. I thought he was crazy, but it turns out he was right. Just like my blue knife, these tools are for you to use in moments that you need them the most. When you are faced with a situation out of the blue, come to this page & dive in.
Join my 6 week program, download an exercise that will change your mindset in minutes, or purchase a companion journal to record your journey. 

Together in the Fire

Are you struggling to see what makes you unique? Do you lack the confidence or resources to take your vision to the next level? Or maybe you lack vision altogether and you need a little help.... Girrrl I can help ignite that flame so that you become a light to those around you. If you need a sign, this is it. 


Trisha's Resources

Trisha's Resources

The Confidence Tool

Do you ever wish you had more confidence? We all do! This mini workshop will be the best 15 minutes you could spend today. Join me as I teach you one of my secret tricks to boost your confidence IN MINUTES. I've used this tool for over 15 years and it has helped me conquer my fears in more situations than I can count.


The AO Method

AO stands for adapt and overcome. This mini workshop will help you adapt your mindset in real time. This course comes with a downloadable worksheet that you can use anytime you find yourself overwhelmed by a situation. In less than 20 minutes you can experience a powerful mindset shift that will help you crush any obstacle you're faced with.


Vision Casting Workshop

Everyone says "You need a compelling vision for your life", but they rarely tell you how to create one. In this mini workshop I will walk through how you can create a vision for your life, your business, and your family. If you want to know where you're going in life, you need a road map. Consider this your road map to the life you've always imagined.


Inferno Bundle

For those of you looking to work with me 1-1 for a 6 week transformational coaching experience, then this is for you! You will receive access to all of the programs I offer, as well as a personalized 6 week experience with yours truly. THERE ARE ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE AT A TIME! So if you're seeing this button, then spots have opened back up. Don't wait! This link secures you a space on my calendar to get you set up.


YEs! I want it all!

you wanna make your life count, don't you?

Stop wishing your life was different. You can live the life you always imagined, but first you have to admit that you can't do it alone. I'm here to walk with you, friend. Let's make your life count.

let's work together 1-1