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"Some women fear the fire,
some women simply become it."

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Trisha's Upcoming Book:
Your New Favorite F-Word

Do you feel like the struggles of life have weighed you down? Do you ever wish there was more to the story of your life? You are made for so much more in your life. Join me as we walk through the fires we've faced and use them as fuel to live the life you've always dreamed!

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Hey y'all, I'mTrisha! 
Your new BFF + Mentor & Hype Girl for Life.

I can’t guarantee a lot of things in life, but what I can be absolutely sure of is that there will be unexpected situations in your future. Something will happen that you never saw coming and that situation will challenge you to your innermost being. I call these “fires.” 
How you steward your fire seasons will determine how successful you will be in the future. I firmly believe that the most challenging parts of your story are the greatest sources of strength. My passion in life is to help you steward your difficult season with confidence and use your unique story to make a difference in the world.  
I love this quote from the movie We Bought a Zoo: "All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage & something great will come of it." 
Soooo, in the next 20 seconds, dare to believe that you have what it takes to walk through fire. Then join me, so I can cheer you on...

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40 Days of Fire

Course includes a workbook and 40 days of transformational videos sent straight to your inbox. You will also get access to an exclusive community, and the support you need as you navigate the journey.  Each day can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Have more questions? DM me, email me, or check out the "Work with me" page. But friend, it's time you invested in yourself. I promise you won't regret it.


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Out of the Fire Podcast

What if I told you that the hard times you're going through are actually for your benefit? You can thrive IN THE MIDST of adversity, but you have to first make the choice to do so.

I want to personally invite you to listen in on my, "Out of the Fire Podcast"! Join me & guests as we talk about the power of the human spirit and offer tips on how you can find YOUR purpose after the pain.  


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Don't wait for a billboard to point you in the right direction. Today is the day you start trusting your gut. You feel like you have the answers inside of you, but you are so bogged down with the trials of life that you can't remember what it feels like to trust yourself anymore. You need confidence.

I spent 20 years feeling like I was consumed by the flames myself until I discovered what was in me all along. The trials I faced turned into my passion of helping women like you uncover ALL the greatness that you hold inside of you. You weren't created to live an unfulfilled life and to simply be a victim of your circumstances. You can be confident in the midst of the hardship you're facing. You just need a few tools to help you along the way.

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I'm a firm believer that there is no cookie cutter formula for personal growth & transformation. Because of that, I offer a variety of resources to help you along your journey. You can take one of my courses, work with me 1-1, or just use one of the tools I created to help you along the way. The choice is yours. Either way, I'm here for you!

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